28.050/10.114/7.114/3.565 MHZ




My Station

My station is consists of an Icom 746-Pro Transceiver, MFJ tuner, Hamkey straight key and paddle.   I prefer the straight key most of the time.   I am a Half-Fast CW operator, so if you send qrq I probably won't copy any half of what you send.   When I operate I usually try the frequencies listed above in the evening hours 7PM-9PM local Pacific Time.   If you want to operate 5 wpm, I would love to work you with a sked sometime, 7-10 wpm would be great as well.  So send me an email and maybe we can make a contact.   I am also a member of the Straight Key Century Club #3816.   I have also started a website called morsepal.com where you can make new CW friends.

Antenna Farm

Current antennas include, 10m ground plane, 30m inverted v, 40m vertical, 80m inverted v.   Contact me for a sked at kd7eji@arrl.net